Home Scale Units

Home Scale Aquaponics

The following images, videos and diagrams are of different home scale aquaponics units. Some of these units perform better than others, but each one is unique and a reference for those attempting to figure out what to build.

Constant Flow Aquaponics Systems

Aquaponic Diagram Plans

Another type of aquaponic system that is used both commercially and on home scale is the constant flow aquaponic system. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using this type of system over a traditional ebb & flow system, the choice is left up…

Aquaponic Drip System

Aquaponics Drip System

Drip systems are commonly used in gardening around the world. The concept is simply provide the needed amount of water directly to the plants roots. The drip system was able to revive gardening and farming in areas where wahter is scarce because of its…