Aquaponic Drip System

Drip systems are commonly used in gardening around the world. The concept is simply provide the needed amount of water directly to the plants roots. The drip system was able to revive gardening and farming in areas where wahter is scarce because of its controlled water wise system. Aquaponic farmers have adabted the drip system for a number of reasons, however controlling the exact flow of water and distributing it egally through out a grow bed has to be one of the elading proirities of using such a system.

aquaponics drip system
The diagram above shows a simplified verson of a drip system used in aquaponic farming. The black spots represent where the plants are places. The nutirent rich fish water is pumped from the fish tanks to the manifolds sititng at the top of the grow bed. Holes are then drilled into the manifolds and small tubing spickets are inserted into these holes and secured with glue into place.  Drip tubes cut into the desired lengths are then pushed onto the spickets and placed in the grow medium next to each plant.

The system pumps are operated by a timer which turns them on and off at your desired period of time, pumping water to the plants and then allowing the cleaned water to return to the fish tank via the gravity feed system.

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