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Find everything that you need to get started on your next aquaponics system. Order the essential supplies that you need to start growing your own symbiotic garden with fish and vegetebles. Get your Fish tanks, pumps, grow beds, hardware, grow medium and more.

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“give a man a fish taco  and he eats one meal . .. teach a man  to raise fish and grow his own pico and he eats fish tacos for a lifetime.” Find a resource of information about fish. What species are best for…


One of the great advantages of tilapia for aquaculture and aquaponics is that they feed on a low trophic level.  The members of the genus Oreochromis are all omnivores, feeding on algae, aquatic plants, small invertebrates, detrital material and the associated bacterial films.  The…

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The chicken coop is replacing the dog house in many suburban homes for a good reason. Chickens are a local source of protein a natural pest controller, and make a great fertilizer for your garden. Find out about poultry care, different breeds, chicken coops…