Organic Soil – Compost


As we all know that many people are adopting organic gardening rather going for the traditional forms of gardening. Soil plays most important part in any form of gardening. If you are trying to grow your organic garden then you must use a soil which is rich in minerals and nutrients. Most of the soils are not rich in minerals and nutrients which are essential for healthy growth of the plants. For making your soil nutrients rich you can add compost... Read More

Red Worm Vermicomposting & Worm Tea


So what, you may ask, is vermicomposting and how does it work? Well, “vermi” is the Latin word for worm, and worms like to feed on slowly decomposing organic materials (e.g., vegetable scraps). The “end” product, called castings, is full of beneficial microbes and nutrients, and makes a great plant fertilizer. So, vermicomposting is the practice of using worms to make compost simply by feeding them your food waste. The reason vermicomposting... Read More