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Free Chicken Coop Plans

Tropical Chicken Coop Design

Chicken Coop Plans
The structure of the coop is 4x8x8. It is 4 ft wide by 8ft long and 8ft high at its highest point. The floor of the hen house is three feet off of the ground. There is a thatched roof covering the length of the coop to keep out the rain and sun. The roofs highest point is at 8ft (in the center) dropping down to 6ft on the front side, and 7ft on the back side. This allows for a consistent air flow throughout the coop



Chicken Coop Plans (Side Views)
I designed the coop on paper, worked out the measurements and then we started putting it together after we picked up the supplies. As expected we made a few adjustments as we began to put the coop together to fit the surroundings a little better. One thing that I didn’t keep in mind was the slope that we would be working on, this eventually elevated the ‘run’ side a little more giving the hens an extra 6 inches to play around in.

Chicken Coop Supplies
• 3 4×8′ 1/2″ pieces of plywood
• 22 2x4x8′ studs
• 12 2x2x8′ studs
• 2 4×8′ roofing sheets
• 1 4×50′ roll of chicken wire
• 1 large box of 3.5″ screws
• 1 large box of 2″ screws
• 8 hinges
• 4 latches
• 4 cinder blocks
• 2 Boxes of Staple Gun Stapels
• Poultry Feeder
• Poultry Water Bottle
• Wood Shavings or Hay

Tools Needed to Build the Chicken Coop
• Drill
• Staple Gun
• Skill Saw
• Hammer
• Wire Cutters
• Tape Measure
• Level
• Shovel
• Pen or Pencil



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