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    I spent a little time looking up different concoctions to see what might work best the mildew that forms on our melon and squash plants. I decided to go with a water backing soda mix and it works pretty well. All that you need is the following:

    * 1qt of water
    * 1tsp of backing soda
    * 1tsp of dish soap
    * 1tsp of vegetable oil

    It is pretty easy to make , and there is a good chance that most of us have these ingredients already in our homes so that we do not need to run out to the market to pick anything up.

    1. First ad 1tsp of backing soda to 1qt of water
    2. then ad 1tsp of vegetable oil
    3. then ad 1tsp of dish soap
    4. Mix in blender or stir thoroughly
    5. put in spray bottle

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