Since 2005 has been a community for like-minded backyard gardeners, home scale aquaponic farmers and urban fish farmers to share their thoughts, ideas, and plans.

Let’s be honest, I’m no horticultural expert, nor a seasoned angler, yet the captivating interplay between aquatic flora and fauna in aquaponic farming has grown on me like a wildflower. My affair with gardening began over two decades ago, when I chanced upon a radio show on edible landscaping. That weekend, I found myself tending to a burgeoning plot and laying the foundation for a compost heap, a decision that would transform the lives of my loved ones and me.

As time went by, my friends and neighbors would often pick my brain on how to cultivate their own gardens. Soon, my enthusiasm for raising chickens, composting and aquaponics would seep into conversations, culminating in the launch of my blog, Over the past fifteen years, Urban Fish Farmer has blossomed into a mecca for kindred spirits passionate about growing their own produce in an eco-friendly manner from all corners of the globe.


Aquaponics is where the food cycle for fish ends and the food cycle for plants begin.

Why Aquaponics?

Aquaponic farming presents a versatile solution for individuals and communities alike, whether it’s for enhancing overall well-being by carefully regulating one’s dietary intake or for providing a vital source of sustenance in regions with limited natural resources. From a rudimentary setup consisting of plants and fish cohabiting in a tank to a more intricate system catering to your family’s dietary needs, the possibilities are boundless and depend solely on your preference.

At, we aspire to establish a platform where kindred spirits, ranging from backyard gardening enthusiasts to home-based aquaponic farmers, can swap insights gleaned from their experiences, irrespective of scale or commercial viability. Our ultimate ambition is to ignite a sense of curiosity among our kin, friends and neighbors, and inspire them to explore the rewards of cultivating their own food sources.

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