How to Setup a Backyard Aquaponics Garden

I recently had had the privilege of installing a new aquaponics garden into a family’s backyard in Austin, Texas. The aquaponics system was an extension to an existing garden that they had already been using to grow a combination of mustard and salad greens. The unit I went with was the most simple aquaponics garden that I have built yet, with the intention of making it easy to use maintain.  Instead of reclaiming old parts, like IBC totes and rain gutters like I have done in the past,  I purchased everything from shops. If you are interested in how to get started on your own homescale aquaponics garden this is where you need to start. Read More

Prepping the Soil – Kitchen Scraps to Garden Beds

getting soil ready

I originally shared this post on a blog that I keep for my family over at and I thought that it would be worth sharing here. I am surprised how confusing people make composting and how may excuses I hear on why they don’t do it. Rats, snakes, bugs, worms and the list goes on. I have had my share of compost disasters, but have learned that there are ways to avoid 90% of the problems. Composting needs to be looked at as process, and should be approached in steps.

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Home Scale IBC Tote System

It is always fun to set up a new aquaponics system and start providing food for yourself and family. This IBC Tote aquaponics system was set up on a corner of a patio, partially in the shade due to the hot tropical sun. The constant flow unit is set up with a small 100 gallon pump and a bell siphon. Over time different features were added like two 5′ 4″PVC grow tubes and different water features.

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Aquaponics Shop

Find everything that you need to get started on your next aquaponics system. Order the essential supplies that you need to start growing your own symbiotic garden with fish and vegetebles. Get your Fish tanks, pumps, grow beds, hardware, grow medium and more.

Free How to Build a Tropical Chicken Coop Download

Free Chicken Coop Plans

Tropical Chicken Coop Design

Chicken Coop Plans
The structure of the coop is 4x8x8. It is 4 ft wide by 8ft long and 8ft high at its highest point. The floor of the hen house is three feet off of the ground. There is a thatched roof covering the length of the coop to keep out the rain and sun. The roofs highest point is at 8ft (in the center) dropping down to 6ft on the front side, and 7ft on the back side. This allows for a consistent air flow throughout the coop
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