Aquaponics System Trial Run in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

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Home-scale aquaponics system installation trial run video from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica at Olam Restaurant inside Nautilus Hotel. The system uses water pressure with one pump to operate. It also uses gravity fed grow tubes with a bio filter grow bed and a bell siphon.

The system is estimated to handle between 50 and 75 fish in different growth stages, and 100 small space vegetables with shorter root systems i.e., greens, and salad herbs plus tomatoes, chile and basil in the 5’x3′ grow bed that is 16 inches deep.

The system uses two filters in the back one collects solids and one is used as sump for the system.

2 responses to “Aquaponics System Trial Run in Santa Teresa Costa Rica”

  1. John Avatar

    I want to make a smaller version in Alajuela. I might go the food container tote route, but I am still undecided. I am concerned about heat, alge and the fish.
    Any suggestions about what to build and how to build it? I live alone but will be renting out two rooms to guests.

  2. Mary Ann Avatar
    Mary Ann

    Would you allow educators from the U.S. to come and visit your facility?

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