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dust factory vintageDid you ever wonder what happens to all of the clothing that you no longer wear? Times that by all the people on the earth and you have a lot of clothing that no one wears anymore. Somewhere around 4 trillion pounds of textiles each year get thrown into landfills, that is a 4 with 14 zeros behind it.Companies like Dust Factory Vintage clothing are set to make people aware of how many textiles are put into our landfills and provide a solution to the problem.

Dust Factory is the brainchild of two Eco conscience  soul surfers from Southern California. With the desire of transcending the boundaries or traditional fashion Dust Factory is a recycled driven lifestyle brand free from passing trends. Appearing as natural on the shelves of boutiques as on those of an actual vintage shop. Dust Factory gathers fashion forward relics from the past and reintroduces them into today’s market with a style and appeal only found in Vintage Clothing.

While operating their first vintage store, the founders at Dust Factory vintage felt the need to keep an abundant selection of top quality vintage clothing on hand to keep their wide array of customers happy. Unable to manufacture an authentic vintage product a new concept was born.


The concept behind Dust Factory grew to offer retail customers not only vintage clothing, but the best quality vintage clothing available in the market. For the retailer, this saved hours upon hours of searching and allowed them to offer their customers simply the best variety of products out there. The way Dust Factory operates began changing the techniques in the vintage industry and began truly setting the standard of how the industry works.

Today, Dust Factory has grown in operations from one man’s vision to an entire team’s realization. With an knowledgeable and dedicated staff behind it, Dust Factory is now a global wholesaler with its product in the far reaches of the world.

“Our task isn’t easy but our mission is rewarding.” Along with saving over 10 thousand pounds of clothing a month from being put into land fills, Dust Factory distributes what is not usable in the vintage market to those in need through local charities and street shelters.

Dust Factory Vintage Clothing has given us a few ideas of what we can do with our old clothing:

  • Take your used clothes to a textile bank. Contact the recycling officer in your local authority if there are no banks in your area and ask why; they may collect textiles through other means. Alternatively you can take used clothing to local charity shops.
  • Give old clothes/shoes/curtains/handbags etc. to jumble sales. Remember to tie shoes together: part of the 6% of textiles which is wastage for merchants are single shoes.
  • Buy second-hand clothes – you can often pick up unusual period pieces! If bought from a charity shop, it will also benefit a charity.
  • Buy things you are likely to wear a long time – a dedicated follower of fashion can also be a green one if items are chosen carefully.
  • Look for recycled content in the garments you buy. This should be on the label, though at present there is no conventional marking scheme and some companies do not always advertise the recycled content.
  • Buy cloth wipers instead of disposable paper products as the product can be used repeatedly.

If you are looking for more ways to contribute to recycling clothing check out the fashion & Recycling News Blog at  Dust Factory Vintage today.


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