Home Scale Constant Flow Aquaponic System

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Here is example of a home scale gravity feed constant flow aquaponic unit that I set up in a front yard in Ocean Beach, California. The tank is a 750 liter repurposed food grade cart dug 16 inches into the ground then covered with bricks for aesthetics.

The water is pumped up into a set of 8ft x 4inch PVC tubes with 3inch wholes cut every 10 inches for the vegetables to grow out of. The tubes were painted brown for aesthetics.

The bottom tube drains into grow bed made out of a food grade cement mixer container filled with river pebble. This bed drains into a similar style bed below that is slightly larger, but with no grow medium. The plants are growing directly in the water with tadpoles. This bed then drains directly back into the tank that is filled with over 20 tiliapia of different stages of growth.

Check out the images below from our gallery:

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