Harvest Time Fish Fry



San Diego Tilapia Fry

We have been very blessed with our aquaponics system and the continued growth of the fish and the vegetables even through this cooler fall season. One of the first reasons that we set up an aquaponics garden was to help off-set our food costs and to have something edible just in-case we needed it for survival. Fortunately for us, with no major catastrophes as far as earth quakes, fires or tsunamis we started to develop a plethora of extra fish.

Aquaponics Grown Tilapia

As the cooler winter months began to slowly approach us we decided it would be a good time to pull a few of our fish out and share them with our friends. Last year when we were in PR we had a freeze and I nearly lost all of my warm water tilapia. This year I have added a couple of tank heaters, but they will only keep a tank so warm. So before it gets too cold I decided to pull a few of the larger fish from the front and back tanks and brought them over to our friends house and got them cleaned up for a surf & turf fish fry. I have to admit I would much rather have a feast with the tilapia instead of having to eat them for survival.

Whole Tilapia Fry

The larger tilapia I decided to fillet and prepare with the rub from my Firey Fish Taco Recipe, the smaller ones I cleaned, scaled and cooked whole or entero. The whole fish I prepared with freshly squeezed lemon juice, lemon wedges, minced garlic, salt , pepper, cajun spice, green onion, and cilantro. Both the fillets and the whole fish were equally wonderful. Our friends also served tri-tip an Asain salad, potato salad, and fresh home-made guacamole. It was the perfect meal to get us ready for the annual OB Christmas Parade later on that evening.

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