Home Scale IBC Tote System

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It is always fun to set up a new aquaponics system and start providing food for yourself and family. This IBC Tote aquaponics system was set up on a corner of a patio, partially in the shade due to the hot tropical sun. The constant flow unit is set up with a small 100 gallon pump and a bell siphon. Over time different features were added like two 5′ 4″PVC grow tubes and different water features.

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The exterior of the unit was covered with local bamboo stocks to give it a more aesthetic appeal over the clear IBC tote unit. The grow medium is small construction gravel. I would recommend using the Clay pellets if they are available, it was not an option for this unit so they used waht was available.


Two 4″ PVC tubes were added to add more grow space and to assist in aerating the water. Watch the video below to see how the system works.

A shade cloth was used during the hot summer months to protect the greens. Water lettuce was added as an extra food source, and to give fingerlings a place to get away.

Costa Rican Tilapia from a local friend who runs the Nursery Vivero Lacon. Notice how they took on the coloring of the Coy fish that were in the pond. They eventually all lost their spots and returned to their natural white/pink coloring.

Local pest control.



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