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As we all know that many people are adopting organic gardening rather going for the traditional forms of gardening. Soil plays most important part in any form of gardening. If you are trying to grow your organic garden then you must use a soil which is rich in minerals and nutrients. Most of the soils are not rich in minerals and nutrients which are essential for healthy growth of the plants. For making your soil nutrients rich you can add compost to your soil. Addition of compost will provide your soil the necessary amount of organic matter and will make your soil rich in minerals and nutrients.

Compost contains sufficient amount of minerals and nutrients which can be readily absorbed by the plants. In this article I will discuss some important tips for creating and using organic gardening compost.

You can create your own organic gardening compost by using the left over food or you can purchase ready made compost from any local gardening store. If you are preparing the compost by yourself then you must add equal amounts of green (leaves) and soft materials to prepare an ideal blend. For further balancing your organic gardening compost mixture, add hard and brown material (chopped twigs, dead leaves).

Compost pile has to be 3 to 4 feet high. Make sure there is enough amount of air available for the aeration of the compost. You can use pitchfork or a large stick for aeration of soil. For larger compost piles you can use PVC pipes as most of the people have been successful with it.

One major advantage of preparing your own compost pile is that the high temperatures that will occur will help in elimination of the harmful diseases which are brought by pests or spores.

For making the decomposition process of your compost pile more efficient you can add more scraps from your home. This addition of scraps will provide more aeration to your compost pile. You can add several other things from your household such as peat moss, vegetable peels, seedless weeds and even fruit.

With the help of the above mentioned tips you can create your own organic gardening compost pile in no time. Although you can directly purchase ready made compost from the store but creating your own compost will be fun. Your scraps and left over food will be utilized in preparation of your organic compost. Well prepared and nutrient rich soil will assure you a healthy and beautiful organic garden in your near future.

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